Alaska 2016 travel blog

ice bergs


there was a whale under there somewhere





mountains on all sides


waterfalls every where you looked

more ice cubes in the fjord

Dawes Glacier





Even though we could go up into the bow of the ship to view the fjords and glaciers, we dicided to stay in our room with our great big balcony as we knew the Captain would provide a view for all sides of the ship. We started up the Tracy Arm Fjord and noted the ice cubes and bergs were numerous. The Captain had stated it was possible we would not make it all the way to the glacier as the ice had been reported as heavy in the fjord and he was right ...part way up he announced we would be turning around and going to Endicott Arms Fjord to see if we could reach Dawes Glacier. Luckily we were able to go all the way up to see our first true Glacier...Dawes Glacier. We did see the flukes of two humpback whales and a partial body, but it was impossible to get a picture of them. We also saw eagles all over the place. Seems like our National Bird is alive and thriving in Alaska.

Went to the piano bar for awhile, casino and off to bed after a long day and a good dinner.

By the way again no rain, it was sunny and 60 degrees.

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