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Ile a Vache (one end anyway)

On the beach

Soccer with a REAL ball


Boat loaded up and off to the Ile de Ville – water a bit choppy but not too bad. Passes a couple sail boats and lots of fishing floats and one boat that was running low on gas. Beautiful island with limestone cliffs and lots of trimmed grass (from cows and sheep) among the trees. Went by the big resort on the island and it was empty.

Finally landed and unloaded the bags. Beach littered with conch shells and lots of kids. Kitty and I following a little girl walked up to the school and the rest came in the truck. Plain concrete building of two stories. Lots of kids from the orphanage playing soccer with a tennis ball.

Take all the stuff up the stairs and separate our stuff and are given our rooms. Bathrooms have a bucket so we shower and flush with cups of water. Oh my. We unpack all the bags and separate all the stuff, getting the medicines out. Lots of stuff!

Have a dinner of spaghetti (I just had the noodles because there was meat in the sauce) but it was good. Then finish unpacking . Get a room with Adam and the guys put up the mosquito net for me,

Pump up a soccer ball for the kids and they really seemed to enjoy a regular ball. We take showers – cool water is very cool! But very nice – we had been awake for 36 hours or so! Then Kitty, Melila and I head out for a walk to the beach – followed by a couple of kids and a chicken. Nice sunset but as we headed for the sea it got quite dark.Some kids called Melila a “half abd half” which upset her some. Lots of sheep everythere. But back to the house.

The cook had prepared a very nice chicken, salad, beans and rice dinner – We ate, had a beer, then off to bed.

Adam and I tried to connect to the internet with a digicel hot spot that Leon lent us, but it didn’t work. After a power outage we decided to end the very long day and go to bed. Quite hot though…

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