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Carpes at Kranberry's Restaurant
They allow RV & truck parking. We'll eat there...

Construction delays east of Tucson

Welcome to New Mexico

Some New Mexico construction

Wed, 10 Feb: On the road again, and it feels pretty good...

We call it "hitch itch", that feeling that if our house has wheels why aren't they turning? We'd been in our space at RoVer's Roost since early November with a brief trip to Quartzsite. While we love settling in at the Roost with our extended "family", we do miss the change of view outside our windows. So, let's get rolling...

We got most of our pre-departure chores out of the way yesterday so this morning was mostly going thru our checklists to ensure that we didn't forget or overlook anything. We double checked the "expensive" ones, e.g., are the antennas retracted? Bob rolled out of our site and moved to the propane fill area where Randy added 15.9 gallons of LP to our internal tank.

We headed to the office to pay for the propane and our electricity, but getting back was a chore. We were surrounded by many of our good friends wishing us a safe journey and a healthy summer. It is always a bittersweet experience to leave RoVer's Roost as we never know what'll occur between now and when we're again together in the fall.

We left a bit after ten and headed the short distance to Interstate 8, which we took ten miles to Interstate 10. Then east thru Tucson and beyond. We encountered several construction zones with their related delays. We broke for lunch in Benson and Sandi took the helm for the balance of the trip.

We crossed into New Mexico about 1330 and continued another twenty-some miles to Lordsburg NM and Kranberry's Family Restaurant. Kranberry's has a large, level gravel lot behind the restaurant and welcome RVs and trucks We stayed here last Fall and enjoyed a delish dinner in the restaurant. We're looking for a repeat this evening.

Today's run was 227 miles with an overall fuel economy of 7¾ mpg (strong headwind and a climb to our current 4,300' elevation).

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