Today started around 0600 when Ross went for his morning walk. Three complete trips around the campground totaled 45 minutes and a total of 3 miles. Marge was making coffee when Ross got back to the motorhome and he took the dog to the dog run where the dog did his business and we returned to the motorhome for breakfast.

After breakfast we showered and got the rig ready to roll. At 0901 the air suspension was up and Ross hit the "D" on the transmission selector and away we went. The sky was clear and the temperature was a cool 68 inside and outside. We headed south on State Highway 99 until it merged with I5 at the base of the Grapevine. For those of you not familiar with California roads the Grapevine is a very steep climb that goes for miles up and then miles down. We changed to I210 which took us through Pasadena and then I10 to Indio where we are staying at the Shadow Hills RV Park. We were told that the I210 through Pasadena has been repaired but if that is repair I would hate to see the disrepair. The next time we travel this way we will take Highway 58 out of Bakersfield and State Highway 395 to I215 to I10 because the section of I10 from I1215 is much better than the I210 from the I5/I210 intersection to I10.

We noticed as we were heading East on I10 the traffic was extremely heavy heading west toward Los Angeles and that heavy flow was basically stop and go from the eastern edge of Redlands all the way to Indio a distance of about 50 miles. As we were checking in at the campground Ross mentioned the horrific traffic jam and the office personnel said the traffic jam was the result of a music festival held in Indio. That festival ended Sunday and everyone was heading home. They said they had a 1000 people in this campground and they all left today and there are numerous campgrounds for miles around the area that contributed to the traffic load. Fortunately we had not planned on driving any further than Indio today because it is most likely we would have run into a similar traffic jam heading east toward Phoenix. That traffic jam should be gone by the time we leave here tomorrow for Phoenix.

That is all for today and if all goes well tomorrow we should be in Phoenix tomorrow afternoon where we plan on staying for a minimum of one week and possibly an additional few days.

Ross & Marge

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