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After the exhausting move out of our house just a few weeks earlier, we once again moved - from the Fun Finder into the Montana. It too was an exhausting job.....mostly because they wanted us to accomplish the task quickly, and they had not parked the two trailer door to door facing each other. So it was a matter of hand carrying everything (no packed boxes) down the steps out of the Fun Finder, around the back of the long Montana, back up the steps and into the new rig. It took about 2 hours - which seems reeally fast. Well, it was really fast! But we paid for it that evening as we lay in the sofa bed (couldn't get to our bed because it ws piled high with stuff) and had leg cramps and smelled the not so pleasant odors of the long-unused (if ever used) sofa bed.

We camped that night and for about 3 weeks at Sandy RV Park. The Sandy River mouth is about 1 mile further north from the campground, where it empties into the Columbia. One thing I loved about Sandy River RV was the train which we could watch crossing a trestle about a 1/4 mile away. It had a pleasant sounding "whistle", and we began to recognize by sound whether the coming train would be headed east of west.

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