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The Royal Grand Palace, Bangkok.

Local schoolchildren learning Religion outside the Wat Phra Kaew.

Real Gold Leaf is used on temples.

Warrior Guardian.

Emerald Buddha, in the background, yours truly, forefront.

Statues, a gift from China.

400 yard Mural - depicting the Monkey Saga-beautiful wooden ceiling.

Very, very small portion of wall outside temple -each mosaic by hand.

Venerable Splendour.

Outside coloured wall are just astonishing and beautiful.

The original and oldest royal palace in the Holy Compound.

Women'l do anything to go shopping!

At the office.

On the canal.

All types of homes.

Dog Day Afternoon!

Colour to brighten up muddy water.

Riverside Palace.

Gems among concrete.

Where old Bangkok meets the new city.

What a great day I've just had in Bangkok. It's the first time that I've been to Asia and the sights and smells are all so different to home in Ireland. Bangkok has a resident population of 10 million and probably another 1 million tourists, mainly from China.This morning I took a tour to the Royal Grand Palace, in which you go through to the Wat Phra Kaew, which houses the Emerald Buddha, Thailands most holy and revered religious emblem. This palace is the most famous of Bangkoks sights, a square mile of royal buildings, of the most intricate and beautiful designs and colours, and all behind a high white wall. Each seperate section of wall has an individual section of a continious 400 yard mural depicting a Thailand saga, where good fights against evil, and the good are led by the great warrior, Monkey.(remember the 80's series - I loved it.)

For the afternoon, I travelled by narrow, longtailed boat down both the river and through the canals, returning on a converted Rice Barge. It was amazing to see that hundreds of thousands of people are all living on the waters edge, the "Venice of the East".

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