Shirley's UK Trip 2012 travel blog

What a long day March 15th has been & it's still only just after 7:00pm.

The trip has been very long & quite uneventful, which is good. The plane left KL on time & arrived at Heathrow about 10 minutes late after 13+ hours. It's a tough life though - Norwegian smoked salmon for lunch followed by lobster thermidor, accompanied, of course, by a few glasses of French champagne.

We travelled right over Afghanistan, in fact Kabul was to the left & Khandahar to the right of the plane & I thought about the war & strife that was only 38,000 ft away. We then came over Poland & Holland but it was cloudy all the way.

As I'm spending time in Wales I watched "How Green was my Valley", then "The Artist" which was most unusual but I can understand why it won this year's Oscar.

London was 16C & sunny when I arrived & my arrangements to be met at the airport all happened according to plan although it was a very long drive across London to Crystal Palace. I'm now ensconced in the "Pissarro Apartment" so named because the house, which was built in 1850 is present in the impressionist painting "Fox Hill" by Pissarro, who lived in the area.

It was already dark when I arrived but the owners assured me that the area is quite safe so I had a 5 minute walk to the local Sainsbury's supermarket & picked up some stuff for breakfast, etc.

Now it's time for a shower & bed although I slept pretty well on the plane.

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