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Too many folks... Ready to buy! Callie, can you hear me now?...

Prego! Here....seƱora ! NO! Grazie!

Fruits, veggies, and more! Mi amore!

My fav place!! Cheap wine and great company !

Across the street from Rolex.... My wonderful hotel!

Leonardo da Vinci museum ...

WTF!!! Ok,...... I did!!!

The Last Supper!

Policia hoping protesters remain calm! :) me too !

Just in case, we have accommodations for those who misbehave!

Manifesto! Government and trains... That is what I understood!

Policia in the air....1000's of protesters , I am safely in bed!!

Excited teens about signed cd from Demi Lavato?? I am old and...

Last night i awoke at 4am and decided to Skype brother Steve! How cool it was to see him, talk to him, and catch up! Fell out again and slept pretty darn good in this little twin bed, windows open, and cool air filtering in! They have a very nice breakfast set up, included!, and the best damn espresso.....for me double shot, 2 of those and then a cappuccino to take up to the room. No doubt the jet lag, time change caught up with me and I was feeling it this morning! Headed out to Viale Papiniano for the largest street market I have ever experienced....Callie, I now know what you meant!!!! :)...bought some fruits for the room, as I have only just begun and know that budget and suitcase availability is limited!! It was quite the experience and thrilled I was a part of...."scusi, damnit".... And "prego! Yourself!!!".....kidding of course, but with this spectacular weather, locals were out in mass quantity!!!! I took a breather, went to Parco Solari, sat and had a beverage...." scusi, dove il bagno?" (where is the bathroom).... The picture will speak louder than words....but once again, sometimes there are just no other options!!!! :) get back to my room to relax.... Not happening! Go down to jimmy at the desk, plan my next few days and head to the Leonardo de Vinci museum ....( my theme for the classroom)... Awesome, his thirst for knowledge......I depart the museum, only to see hundreds of policia, what looked like hummer police trucks, helicopters flying above and a few streets in front....flags and chanting! ONLY ME.....AT LEAST THE ONES THAT REALLY KNOW ME!....a Manifesto....protest on the new high speed train! Thousands of people in, what I thought was a parade :), was a serious, well thought out, city wide protest!!! Couldn't Cross the street, so....had a beer and took photos of the mayhem. Of course, I got the info on the protest from my friend nico at

None other than Ostello Bello:) if that were not enough....I go to Bella ( my super mercado ) and grab my dinner....mare insalata mediterranean (seafood salad), carciofi alla romana (artichokes) and tacchino marinato limone ( lime marinated chicken)......when I hear screaming from the piazza de duomo! I check it out and see lines of crying young girls (the Beatles???) was Demi Lovato???? Signing cd's......see pics of excited girls!!! Get to my room, walk outside only to see a black Mercedes in front......screaming kids, falling and crying trying to get a pic of this Demi..... Please google her and let me know if I missed out on not getting in line..... Who gives a hoot if I am 51!!!!!! This has been an eventful , flipping crazy ass day!!!!! Bring it on!!!

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