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Us at Tulúm

The main ruin at Tulúm

The building containing the surviving art of Tulúm

Details of Mayan carvings on building

Grand-daddy iguana - they were everywhere and HUGE!

View of ruins from offshore

Fish in the reefs off coast of Tulúm

Hey M&T fans!

Our adventure today was the first with our GAP comrades; the beachside ruins of Tulúm and a subsequent snorkeling expedition off the coast. After an early start, our group made it to the archaeological site. The weather was blazing hot and humid, so we were all anxious to get to the breeze coming off the ocean and through the ruins. The archetecture was fantastic, the company amazing, and iguanas were everywhere! No matter where you looked, these big lizards were catching rays on 1600 year old ruins.

The walk up the ancient steps was a bit grueling, but the view from the top was absolutely breathtaking. Crumbling pillars and age old temples on one side and the Caribbean sea on the other.

Following our jaunt around the ancient site, our group boarded a small boat and talking like pirates all the while, motored out to the reef for some diving. There were tons of different fish of varous colours, none of which we know the names of, many different kinds of coral and a visibility of about 50 feet. Thom managed to get fairly close to the bottom and snapped some good pictures. After returning to shore and partaking in an interesting cab-ride in a giant circle due to the language barrier, then a shuttle, we returned to Playa (and our hotel) for a quick siesta, a snack at Ah Cacao, a chocolate and coffee shop offering a variety of delights, made from locally-grown, sustainable coffee and cacao. Yum!

Now we´re justing finishing up a few errands - updating this trip journal of course, laundry, then supper and packing up our bags because tomorrow (very early....) we´re off to BELIZE!!!! We"re super excited for a nice slice of the slow life, Caribbean-style, and for some excellent diving/snorkeling opportunites (SEA TURTLES!).

We´ll let you know how it goes! Love you guys ;)

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