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In front of the Stiller's home

Relaxing in the Stiller's backyard

Bandit and Tiki taking a siesta

Yummy ice cream at Ferdinand's

Enjoying a fabulous dinner at Southfork Public House in Pullman

Atlas in hand, we are on our way to Walla Walla

Thanks for your hospitality Dave and Helen!

As one photographer named them, corduroy wheat field

View of Lewiston and the Snake River

Close-up of Lewiston from scenic overlook

We REALLY like this doggy rest area!

Columbia County Courthouse

Garfield City Hall

Welcome to Walla Walla

Marcus Whitman, namesake of Whitman College

Creek running through Whitman College

Oldest building on campus

Enjoying an apple for lunch

This young man finished his jog and jumped in the fountain

He took off his shoes and socks but not his clothes!

Downtown Walla Walla

Afternoon thunderstorm is building quickly

Sunset after the storm

Happy Birthday Bandit!

Driving along the Columbia River...we thought we were heading to Bend, Oregon

Are we there yet?

Going to Plan B

We are back in Oregon and heading south…we are a little over 5 weeks into our trip and we have another 2 ½ weeks and then we will be back in Covina for Jennifer (Kelli's childhood friend) and Will’s wedding. We are very excited to attend the wedding as Kelli, Dan and Kaia are in the wedding. Kelli, as the co-matron of honor, has worked very hard to make this a special day for Jen and Will, good job Kelli!!

After we left Sandpoint we headed towards Pullman, Washington to visit friends of my parents, Dave and Helen Stiller. Dave was the best man in my parent’s wedding 55 years ago. We had never been there and Helen was the definitive tour guide as they have lived there for over 30 years and Helen is a former City Councilwoman. We toured Washington State University which was founded in 1890 as a land grant university and today it is known for it’s veterinary school AND awesome ice cream!! They took us to Ferdinand’s, where the students and faculty make ice cream and cheese. The lines were out the door and it was evident as to why when we tasted our respective selections; huckleberry swirl, peanut butter and chocolate, caramel cashew and ________(sorry, Helen, forgot what you picked out!). The city is divided into quadrants, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest and we saw three of the four. There are some beautiful homes and the city is still surrounded by wheat fields. The wheat fields are very picturesque and with each season, change from green, to gold to brown and all shades in between. We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at Southfork Public House, the food was fabulous but the highlight of the evening was their breadsticks, which tasted like Indian Fry Bread, and their lentil chili.

We took off the next morning and meandered through wheat fields as far as the eye could see. The view was a bit hazy due to wild fires started by lightning, but the view of the Snake River and the city of Lewiston, which was the first capital of Idaho, was impressive. We drove through a few small towns and then spent two days in Walla Walla, Washington, home to THE best onions I have ever tasted, Walla Walla Sweets-I cook with them whenever possible. We walked a mile from our campground into town and enjoyed the historic buildings on Main Street. The 1800’s era buildings in the downtown were spectacular but not as much as those on the campus of Whitman College. The college dates back to the early 1900’s and is named after Marcus Whitman, a medical missionary. Many of the campus buildings are former homes built in that era and the grounds were very lush and peaceful. As many of you know, anytime one of our dogs has a birthday we take them to a pet store to pick out a birthday present. The 28th was Bandit’s 13th birthday and he and Tiki each picked out a toy in honor of his birth.

Our next intended destination was Bend, Oregon but as with any type of RV travel, we experienced a bit of a delay. After meandering along the Columbia River, which divides Washington and Oregon, we experienced what all RV’ers experience …a mechanical issue. Fortunately we were within 6 miles of a truck repair shop that specialized in the equipment on our rig but we still had to pack up things, to include the doggies, to spend a couple nights in a hotel. Tiki and Bandit have never stayed in a hotel and they were quite perplexed. Normally we would have stayed in the rig but the rear part of the rig where the repairs were done is also where our bed is ☺ We should be on the road early tomorrow and arrive at our next destination, Diamond Lake late evening. The campground is an easy drive to Crater Lake, which was on our list of “must see” sites on this trip. Happy Labor Day to all!!

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