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Me (Ric) and Tent on Caribbean Island

View of tent on Island

Very common iguana


The trip so far.

We landed in Cancun as planned and on time. As it turned out, the window seat is a bad choice. What we weren't expecting was an hour long queue for A. Immigration and B. Customs. That set us back a little and the 10th or so Mexicans asking for "Taxi?!?" Made it a little confusing, especially as the bus driver we needed was also in the fray. We found him got our ticket and 6 hours later were in Chetumal. Got a pasada for the first night (shower and TV, bargain if 250 pesos is a bargain?)

With our first "day" (36 hours awake) done we then decieded first hand to make our way to one of the islands off Belize's coast, to do this we would need the bus that goes to the boarder and through it. Found it passed the smelly market and on to Belize we went. we had a choice of either stopping at Corozal or Belize City, one being an extra 3 hours from the other, but seeing as the boats were regular from Belize City we choose the main city. as it turned out this was a mistake because the bus journey took longer and they weren't so regular, so we waited an extra 2 hours in the City waiting to leave. Meanwhile we got badgered left and right for a taxi or tour guide. Being the obvious targets, sweating like mules and very English, this was a struggle. We clogged and got our boat. 1 hour later and here we are, on the sunny Caribbean island of Cays Caulker (or Cays Corker, depending on where you look).

Still being badgered for taxis and accommodation (this time) we found a place that will let us tent. So, its now 8 in the morning and we have a Caribbean island to explore/swim. Pictures will follow when Jen takes them.

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