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Enjoying an outdoor Mexican restaurant.

Hazel's thinking about getting me with that hose.

Finishing up.

Our campsite at KOA near Charleston,SC

All washed and ready to head South.

March 23, 2011: Yesterday, our friend Steve Weaver came over and helped us unfurl our awning for the first time since we bought the motorhome. I had the instruction book, but he had the experience, and in a couple of minutes we had it in place. For being 19 years old, it looked pretty darn good, but it was dirty. So, Steve and I jumped in his truck for the 4 mile trip to "Camping World" to buy a gallon of their special awning cleaner, and for the next hour or so, Steve, Hazel, and I scrubbed it clean. A couple of spots were tougher than our cleaner and scrub brush, but overall it looked great. I suspect the previous owner didn't open it up very often.

Now, the rest of the motorhome looked grubby, which it was, after the long trip from Minnesota, so another hour was devoted to hosing and scrubbing with reasonably good results. Parked between two nearly new motorhomes with shiny paint jobs complete with colorful striping prompted a continuation of our ongoing discussion as to just how we will have ours repainted, and how much money did we want to spend to impress total strangers. I'm sure we'll be in for a bit of sticker shock when we check into the cost.

All cleaned-up, the rig looked so good, I broke-out the folding chairs and some beer, and we settled down to admire our work, while our dinner of spaghetti and meatballs cooked in the galley.

Originally, we were going to head to Florida today (Wednesday), but we got behind on our schedule a bit, so we're sticking around another day, and will be heading to downtown Charleston later this morning to soak up some of the history of the area.

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