Escape From Britain! 2011 travel blog

WOW!!! We visited the Ballestas Islands this morning by speed boat which are Peru´s version of the Galapagos Islands. Although you aren´t allowed to land on the island due to conservation and protecting the wildlife. We saw loads of boobies!!!! (they´re birds!!!), loads of pelicans, penguins and sea lions! It was really good. We then went to a winery and were shown how they make the wine and ´piscos´which is a local spirit, we tasted about 8 different wines/piscos! Pisco Sours is the best which is when it´s mixed with lime and sugar. We then drove to Nazca and have already seen two of the Nazca lines designs. It was really hot today but we had a swim to cool us down and chilled out by the pool for a bit, and saw a hummingbird!! I have come to the conclusion that Peru is still being built!! Everywhere you go there are half built houses/shops etc, literaly everywhere!

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