Kenya - Summer 2010 :) travel blog

Today was fun :)

Up early to experience a church service at 8.15am at Cornerstone Church, Karen. This is the church our host family attend. It was interesting to see, quite a lot of singing. A lot of the service talked about how thankful they were for everything, they are so appreciative even of life itself, and see the best in every situation. At the end, they called up all the Mzungus to the stage, to introduce ourselves. Was a little intimidating, but we were rewarded afterwards with Chai (a milky tea) and Mandazi (like donuts, they are delicious!).

After this, Izo picked us up and took us to Junction where we met several other volunteers that were doing the "City Excursions" tour with us ... of course travelling in a matatu!

First up was the baby elephant orphanage, they were adorable but it was really crowded there. They have huge milk bottles which they drink from, and actually hold it themselves with their trunk!

From here we went onto the Giraffe park. This was a lot of fun, we got to feed them! Their tongues are really rough, like sandpaper, and their saliva isn't sticky as it looks - it's actually antiseptic. One woman put some of their food in between her lips so she effectively kissed a giraffe!

At the crocodile park, me, Gloria, and two girls Sarah and Sydney from California decided to do our own thing and go for lunch - unknown to us that was the next stop on our journey! We ordered, but really got to experience Kenyan time in a restaurant - it took forever! We must have been there for between 3/4 of an hour and an hour, and all we ordered were chips and wraps! Crazy.

After the lunch stop, we were taken to the monkey park. This was probably my favourite thing of the day, free entry and you just payed 20ksh for two packs of peanuts. We were warned before going in that it we didnt hide the peanuts, they would steal them ... I thought I would get the better of them, sadly I was wrong! It was a lot of fun though, some people managed to get a really friendly monkey to follow a trail up to sit on their heads!

Then came the Massai Market. This was crazy, as soon as we stepped out the matatu we were surrounded by men, and this continued into the market, it was overwhelming. Izo told us the ones that were working with us, it was still hard though as even though they were there to help we had no space to just look around, it was very pressured. However one girl trusted the wrong guy, and was told her items came to 20,000 ksh - maybe 200pounds or so. She didnt have that amount on her obviously, so went to an ATM with the dodgy guy to take out money! So silly, she cried a lot when she realised what had happened but by this time the guy had fled. Got a couple of nice bracelets, would not go back there though, it was too in your face.

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