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Bear Bangs talking over a few details and driving/towing tips

Better get the license plates on

Using the tractor to get the slides out

here's the office/entertainment area



kitchen, dining and entry

Well, we decided that it would be in our best interest to tow the coach around before we go through our orientation and bring it "home" next Saturday. So we made arrangements with Bish's to give it a go. One of the sales-men, Bear Bangs (yes, that IS his real name) was more than happy to unlock the storage area and help us hook-up for the first time. We had checked out a route that would be out of the busy traffic, give us some 90 degree turns and provide space to try backing up. Things went very well. At the end of our test-drive, we pulled it into the dealership lot so they can spend time this week getting it ready for next Saturday.

We tried to use the "juice" from the pick-up to get the slides out, but we must have blown a fuse, so they brought their tractor, hooked up and out went the slides.

While Rick talked to Bear, General Manager, Clay and Ron, the Parts & Service guy,I took pictures of the inside of the coach and just reveled in the feelings that come with knowing that in one week this coach will be our home.

We formally received the approval to live inside the fire station for the summer...good thing as we had only casually explored other options. Thanks to all our friends who offered their backyards or pasture!

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