Anne & Tom's Southwest Adventure travel blog

Vermillion Clifs


Desert flower


At the four corners

Our shadow along the road

Tom's vista dome car


He got a new cap

At the Durango station

Building up steam

The brakeman

At his post

Our guide and donut - coffee person

Steaming down the tracks

Anne was waiting at the crossing

The engine roars across the road

The Spring water


The track was carved into the mountainside


Mt Garfield

In the valley

Along the river

Silverton station


The engine was built in 1925

Anne came to drive Tom back


We had lunch at this beautiful lake

Sunday - Monday

The next planned stop was Durango, CO where we hoped to ride the narrow-gage Durango-Silverton train. There was only one ticket available of the type we wanted, so we agreed that Tom should go, and Anne would possibly ride back. This could be accomplished by Anne driving the RV up to Silverton and either switching places or just proceeding on to Mesa Verde after lunch - we chose the latter. Anne is kind of glad she did not do the train, since the ticket was for an open car, and Tom is still recovering from the soot and smoke he inhaled from the coal-burning steam engine.

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