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Hello All!

Again thanks for the excellent information you people have supplied us with. We've got plenty for now so thank you! Robin and I are going through with these workshops even though we feel we do not really have the right to speak on some of the issues. By no means are we experts on the fields we were asked to speak on... oh well, we'll power through the first workshop but may call it quits after that. We kind of feel like we can put more focus on other projects. For example, we would like to work on getting a water well for the center, get some computers for computer training, get a solar power system (no electricity here, even in cities), work on first aid training, etc.... Anyways, we'll see.

So far neither of us have been sick. We can thank the vaccine(dukerol) we took before coming here- it's been awesome. Clearly we should have been sick by now! Water is fetched for us every 2nd day from a well just down the road. Five liberian dollars(64 liberian $ to 1 US$) gets us a 3 gallon jug. We use this water for cooking, cleaning, flushing our toilet, and we filter it for drinking too. so if you can imagine that we have to ration how often we flush our can imagine the smell of our room! lol.

The other day we learned how to make a fish/peanut stew by a local girl. Everything is cooked over a small coal fire. We start the coals using a small piece of natural rubber that is a natural resource of Liberia. It is amazing how well it burns!

Being in Liberia we sometimes forget that the state of the country was once BETTER than it is now. Where we are staying right now used to have electricity in the 1980's, now there are just poles with out any power lines. They say Liberia is approx. 20 years behind Ghana and some other west african countries. Even driving into Monrovia....the capital, it has NO electricity. Some of the older men even said that the education was much better 20 years ago. Now most school teachers are uneducated themselves.

PAC has been a great place though. Tonns of kids come every evening to play. And we are starting to incorporate educational activities along side.

We miss everyone at home, and again we have limited internet time so this msg might be jumbled but it is so difficult to express what we are experiencing.

Thx for all the msgs, it is truly great to hear a little from home when we are feeling overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.

Kendra-- thx for the msg!! I will get back to you soon, once I have more time to write. You can call too.

Angie-- if you have the book "where there is no doctor" its a pretty good one. I think your experience will be very different then ours as ours is educational vs clinic work. Again I will try to contact you soon with more info.

And also, thank you thank you everyone for the info!!

Oh ya, we tried palm wine yesterday, it was pretty good. I think Jerome got a little tipsy off of it as the local young motorbike men were in the hut with us and wanted to buy us a few extra glasses! It is all natural straight from the tree.

Miss everyone, hope all is well.

Robin and Jerome

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