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Awesome sunrise... cant believe I was up this early!

I see you, kiddo

It's not BatMan, so I called him BatBat instead

Me and James painting on the blackboard for the school!

The classroom post-renovation!!!

May cause bumface effect.

Water tank and guttering we installed so the kids have safe drinking...

Us and the kids at the children's home!

Ah, the vollies show their true colours at last...

Teaching them duck-duck-goose!



Pretending to be normal :)

Kid at babys home! Who wasn't really a baby...

More kids! :O

Yay! biccies!

Eat up, fatty! :D

There's going to be a whole new generation of Barack Obamas, literally!

These swings were soooooo small for the kids!

Monkey at Kakemega!

Us playing "what's the time Mr. Wolf" with the kiddies

Weeeeee! At one of the villages I went with St. Francis for...

Greetz once again everybody!

I've had a pretty busy time since my last entry!

The other vollies and myself decided to head across the border from Uganda to Kenya to visit Mutumbu, a small town where World Youth have got some other projects they've been working on for about 15 years there! The in-country co-ordinator, has actually been a big help to us in Uganda, even though he's based in a different country!

In between Mutumbu and Jinja the roads have degraded juuuuust a tad, so after a buuumpy ride on one of the buses there, we arrived at the "white house", so called because of the amount of volunteers from Australia that stay there! It had just been painted yellow, however, so it took keen eyes on Kyla's part to spot it!

As soon as we arrived we began to realise how different Kenya was to Uganda, although we were only 5 or 6 hours drive away from Jinja! Our first trip into town, our first matatu ride in Kenya and fairly regularly after that we ran into drunk people proclaiming us as Americans, with cries that Obama was going to colonize America. Single-handedly too, apparently :P We arrived just before the election, and with memories of how nasty the locals had gotten in January, we really had our fingers crossed that he was going to pull through. Of course he did, and for the next few days there we were like local celebrities!

WYI has a few different placements available for volunteers to help out in, both in Mutumbu and the larger closeby town of Kisumu; a babies home, a children's home and a special school, all of which we visited! The kids at all of them were beautiful, and I actually LIKED the babies, they cried barely at all!!! After we'd finished up in Mutumbu we headed off to Kakamega Forest Reserve (this was at the time of the election, we thought we'd be fairly safe in a forest if anything bad DID happen!). That was so much fun, went for a 32km walk starting at dawn so we could watch the sunrise on top of the highest point in the forest! That was amazingly beautiful :) After the forest we went to Kisumu where we hung out for a couple of days, got to know the town, then headed back to Jinja!

Both James and Kyla left on Monday, James for Europe where he's continuing a holiday and Kyla back home to Oz. Noow it's just me, Alison, and her boyfriend who arrived also on Monday. I've been going out into the field with the St Francis clinic this week, doing HIV testing and giving out medicine to those who need it, it's been great helping out in that, hopefully the rehab centre will be open in around a week so that I can begin working there!

Hope you're all having a good time back home, sorry it's taken a while for this blog to come around, I haven't been able to access the site from this end!

Can't wait to see you all when I get back, only just over a month left now ^_^


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