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Our Hostel - Carnival Court on Long Street

Long Street - Party Central (twined with Bethnal Green Road!!!)

Table Mountain in the background

Em in a reflective mood and ponders 'will her fleet will ever...

Our first foreign cup O char. Sorted us right out!!

View from the balcony - again very much like the flat in...

Our room TAADAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! Don't ask!!

Em very satisfied after her Mango chicken in Mama Africa

Ozz very stisfied after the Pina Colada's!!!

The wicked African Band playing in Mama Africa

The flight landed around 8.15 am in Cape Town, the captain kindly informed us that the weather outside was a barmy 6 luckily we were wearing our flip flops! Oh which by the way wasn't a great look as our feet had blown up like balloons! they looked like inflated rubber gloves!

So we got through passport control....the south African lady was really friendly and helpful!.......she wasn't!

Went out to look for our taxi taxi man and we eventually found him with his little sign reading Ousten Sheen! Say what you see!

Took around 20 minutes to get to our hostel, passed lots of Townships which was a bit of an eye opener.

Room is a good size clean and basic but can get very cold. The hostel has got a bar and balcony which is a cool area to chill out in. Staff seem alright, some nice some rude! but I guess that's South Africans for ya! :)

We went out in the evening to get some dinner. Found a cool pool bar, had a couple of drinks there. Austen won (Yes..well done you....It was really close though!)

We found a place called Mama Africa on Long Street which looked quite quiet but nice, so went in for a bite to eat. Ozz ordered a Springbok steak and I went for the Mango Chicken Kebab, which were both amazing! we had a few beers then It started to get a bit more lively, a really good band started playing really cool African music and the reasturaunt turned in to a massive party! which clearly meant it was Pina Colada time! 6 cocktails later we asked for the bill, It came to 310 Rand which is just over 20 quid for the whole lot....we love South Africa!

Went back to the hostel bar which had turned into party central! there was a banging DJ, some kind of lazer show and a queue to get in! as we had the VIP password to get in, we went straight in to join the party!

We flaked out before the end and were wary of the noise as our room is directly above the bar, however we slept like babies! I did wake up around 5am and the street was still banging! and again at 7! but It's not too much of a big deal.....just like Bethnal Green Road!

All in all it was a great first day...


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