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This morning I met several other travelers passing through Nong Kai, at the guesthouse I had breakfast at earlier last week. They must just stay and hang out at the guesthouse because I didn't see many other travelers walking around town the whole week I was there. Anyway, I got the scoop on some cool places to go, so I added a few more places to my list.

This afternoon it absolutely poured down rain, when it rains here is literally pours. MONSOON RAIN!!!! Sean dropped me off at the bus station and from there I took a taxi to the airport. I was a bit nervous on the ride...the people here are pretty much fearless, and they drive like maniacs. I couldn't see the lines for the life of me through the windshield because of how hard it was raining, but my driver was just cruising about 65 miles an hour down the road weaving back and forth like it was totally normal the whole 45 minute drive there. I finally just had to listen to my i-pod and close my eyes the rest of the way.

After making it to the airport alive I went and checked in at the desk, where the lady there literally had to weigh me on a scale before she gave me my boarding ticket. That was a first!

Then as I sat by my gate watching it pour with the lights flickering on and off in the airport from the storm, I thought for sure that my flight would be delayed...NOPE! I was wrong. Maybe it is not unusual to fly in a thunderstorm...Things never cease to amaze me here!!!

I got to Chiang Mai and after several failed attempts of hauling my things across town to find a guesthouse to stay in, every one that I liked was full...I found one, and headed off to get some dinner. Tonight I decided to have my thai server pick out my meal for me, which I am glad that I did because it was delicious. He picked out Tom Yung Gai; which is a sweet and sour soup with chicken. It's pretty much the most popular dish over here, and I had yet to give it a shot.

Chiang Mai is a neat little city, I am staying in the "old city" which is surrounded by a moat. Every Sunday they have a "walking market" through the center of the old city. I cruised through there for awhile later after sitting down with the host of my guesthouse to drink some mysterious blue slushy with her. She's a really funny lady and she talked me into signing up for a trekking/rafting trip that leaves here Tuesday for three days. I was planning on doing one anyways, I heard they are pretty cool and another great way to meet some new people. So I will have some more good stories after that! I am totally enjoying this traveling alone thing...(which I wasn't sure if I would) Every thing is so spontaneous, and I really like being on my time and doing whatever I feel like...its very freeing!

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