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Dear friends, Sharon & Rodger in the "Queen Mary"!

Clark (not so) Dry Lake!

Our "humble" home!

We have snow on our mountains (1/29)!

We have friends!! Rodger and Sharon from Minnesota, whom we met here in 2001, arrive in the Queen Mary, their 42' Safari Serengeti. Yes, they are the same ones we mentioned earlier in a context that proved not to be conducive to joking of the missfortunes of others! And yes, I think they still "love" us but don't think they read our "blahg"! We are happy for their company and always look forward to our all too brief encounters, usually once a year.

And then there was rain! We don't know yet how much, but alot. And there is more to come! We could not get the motorhome out of here right now if we wanted to and soon we will need to get water. A cistern/collection system that funnels rain water back into our water tank would be appropriate and innovative. Thought you might like the "after" picture of Clark (not so) Dry Lake today!

It's interesting the people we meet along the "way"! One of our neighbors here, about a mile away, is Steve and his Pekinese, Sweetie. Now Steve is retired but in the 60's he was a solo oboeist, working and traveling the world with the great Montovani. After performing he taught at several of the world's best schools of music including the Julliard in New York. Now what is really quite amazing is that one of the big, beautiful homes he owned in the 80's was in my own neighborhood (so to speak)of Moss Beach, CA. on Buena Vista, which was just "up the hill" from my real estate office on the corner of Highway 1 and California St. and we're both pretty sure I showed him property!

We finally dried out - with the help of gale force winds, that is! Everything that was outside blew away and once, when opening our heavy door, it was caught by the wind and broke the strut that is suppose to guard against such occurrences. Oh well, we will start the new month off right with a trip to the "city" where we can do major shopping and get necessary parts.

And today, the 31st, is absolutely beautiful and we celebrated with a trip to the laundry followed by a long walk. Which was later followed by a gathering with Rodger, Sharon, Steve & Sweetie to discuss plans for the Superbowl on Sunday. Have we gone from "Mindless commentary" to "Absolutely boring"?

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