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Craig and Debra on Infinnity

12/12 Day of Guadalupe

The Cathedral

Cute local kid

Part of the procession

More festivities

Enjoying lunch in PV

Local Art

Time on the Malecon

We wanted to stop along the way at Jaltemba and Punta Mita before La Cruz but found ourselves in the middle of large swells and lots of wind on our trip south. I started to feel queasy while making lunch and we both decided to just keep going. In addition, large swells are not conducive to anchoring a boat. So we continued into the large Bay of Banderas. It is approximately 20 miles wide and 15 miles deep. This bay is best know for it's largest resort area, Puerto Vallarta. We are anchored out just off the new La Cruz marina. This is a huge, new facility going in with very little available now. In a few months the marina will be quite nice.

The town is pretty small but looks like it too will be going through a major change when the marina is up and running. We've been hitting up the internet at Philo's a restaurant that caters to cruisers. He specializes in pizza but tonight is rib night. Yes, after months of eating Mexican food daily, a little American cuisine sound pretty good. Must say how much we have enjoyed the street vendors and little restaurants in Mexico, always good and extremely reasonable.

Met some new friends from Ojai on Infinnity, Craig and Debra. They rented a car and took us to PV yesterday. We were lucky enough to be there for the celebration of St. Guadalupe. We couldn't have planned it better. Craig parked the car and a block away was the procession from the middle of town to the cathedral. Everyone entered the church after being blessed with holy water and then walked out after receiving a blessing. The streets were closed and there were thousands of people with flowers and candles dressed in costumes and finery for the event. This was really special to see.

Spent some time shopping in Puerto Vallarta, ate lunch next to a river which had a really beautiful setting. We really had a great day with them. As with all our new cruising friends, we will soon be parted and hope to meet up again somewhere on the Mexican coast this season (which ends June '08).

Today we checked out Marina Vallarta and did some provisioning at Sam's Club. Yes Mom, you would be proud of me. I finally broke down and bought a membership as there are no Costco's to be found here. Provisioning is a little more challenging now. See today's trip entailed a 30 minute bumpy bus ride with 50 or so stops along the way. After carefully choosing our selections, we stuff the backpack and buy bags to carry our goods home. Then of course, the return bus trip. Now we walk about half mile over cobblestone streets and ruts across a dirt construction site to our dinghy. Fortunately, it was there. After the guard gives us hell for using the marina's dinghy dock which happens to be the only one available we load our gear in the dinghy, get a little wet and safely arrive at the boat. Whew! See what I mean about just living taking up all your time?

We are looking to move on in the next day or two. Hope all is going well with everyone and you are enjoying this holiday season with those you love.

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