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Georgia is still my favourite place in America. It is so beautiful with lush green vistas and pokey little southern towns out in the sticks that sell fried chicken and ockre and big cities like Savannah with beautiful palatial double story southern homes with wrap around porches. I ooh and aah down every street in downtown savannah and i can hardly form words because it's just so amazing to me. I don't think my writing can do it justice.

The homes, as I said are beautiful but what really adds the finishing touch is that the first planned city in america as arranged in squares around 1 acre manicured gardens. The result is a city that is perfectly balanced with natural beauty and encourages people to get out of their homes and into the streets to walk.

Walk is what a lot of people do because it's easy and fun and a feast for the eyes. People from all over the world go to Savannah to walk the streets, eat at one of the nifty little restaurants and spend there tourist dollars. The word vibrant is a perfect way to describe the energy there.

We stopped in at a pizza place called the Mellow Mushroom which makes clever little references to smoking the 'shrooms rather than eating them. The kitchen staff looked like they were having way too much fun to be working (the kitchen is open plan) and the pizzas were delicious. I noticed several regulars hanging out in the bar area and ordering to go. I think it could be a really fun place to hang out Patti! It was the first place we had been to in a while were the din drowned out the noise my children made.

Unfortunately I had completely underestimated Savannah and had left the camera at home. I won't do that again.

A quick mention about the park we stayed at - another State Park, very pretty with oak trees and spanish moss and reasonable facilities although we had to pay for the pool and the water was so (naturally) warm it made swimming pointless.

Our next destination - um should we go to Stone Mountain, Georgia or Charleston, Soth Carolina? "Lets wing it" says Trev. I'm not sure about this!

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