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Off we go...

The Orbit Hotel - where we stayed on day one in West...

We got to Heathrow a little late (no suprises!!) to meet Helen and Gareth's family but after booking in we all calmed down! Before long it was time to say goodbye to our families and board the plane. Lots of photos were taken as we said goodbye! We hope Martin and Rachel didn't argue too much on the way back to Penzance!!

The flight was very long and tiring. We saw Iceland, Greenland (Green?? It was covered in white snow!!) and bits of Canada, under the cloud. Canada looks a little naff!! Lots of rock and pools - didn't see any people. We also saw lots of icebergs, but no Polar Bears... We'll keep you posted Lynda!

Food on the plane was fine! We had Chicken Pasta! As the plane went over California we went through some almighty turbulance... when it landed the passengers all clapped!!

Hey! The lady who we hired the car from was great! She said "Are you sure you want a RED Ford Focus? I thought not! - Here take this silver upgrade... A Mazda 6."

So thank you Sheila...

LA is a very very big and scary place. After we had hired the car we had to drive through town... we got very lost and ended up in Inglewood at one point (v. scary area). But... we got to The Orbit Hotel. Nice place - but in a bit of a rough area with no parking facilities. As it was 7am UK time (11pm LA time) we were absolutely shattered so we slept like Kings!!

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