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Drive through corn barn!

Coquihalla Toll Booth

Maureen always has to have flowers around!

Railway Overhead Walkway Kamloops

Monacos at Kamloops RV Park

Kamloops RV Park

Kamloops Staff BBQ

Took awhile to get this one of the moon over Kamloops!

CPR Last Spike at Craigellachie

Larry at the Last Spike


Maureen at the Last Spike


Coming to Three Valley Gap

The Lodge at Three Valley Gap

The garden

KOA Revelstoke

Coming to Revelstoke Dam

Revelstoke Dam

The lake created by the dam - Revelstoke Lake

The boom behind the dam that catches debris.

Revelstoke Forest Museum

It's so much fun using the timer on the camera!

A beautiful view of Revelstoke...

...from Mt. Revelstoke


Dashed out and took this fast!

Indian Paintbrush

Near the summit of Rogers Pass

At the summit of Rogers Pass

Camper's Haven Golden

A beautiful rainbow at Camper's Haven

Tennis anyone - a game of singles!

Doubles - these are our bug zappers in case you didn't know!

Columbia Lake - just south of Fairmont Hot Springs

The official start of the Columbia River.

We told you there were emus!

The First Real Trip - Part 1

We left on Monday, July 22nd from the Border RV Park in South Surrey. Our first stop was at one of the Chilliwack Corn Barns and then off to Kamloops. Once again we had no trouble going up the Coquihalla at 75km at 1800 RPM. We had lunch at the top again. Arrived in Kamloops. Summer has truly finally arrived - it's hot! We stayed at Kamloops RV Park about 15kms out of Kamloops. We also checked out other parks in the area and this was the best of what little there was to offer in Kamloops.

On Tuesday night we were invited to a barbecue hosted by one of Larry's staff in Kamloops at her parents home. A great feast! They also gave us a CARE package of homemade jams, salsa, pickled beets and wine to take home. We weren't allowed to do anything - we were made to feel very special by Jennifer, Randy and Dawn. Staff from both Kamloops stores were there as well.

We headed for Revelstoke on Wednesday. On the way there, a funny smell was detected. We hoped it wasn't propane. In Salmon Arm, we stopped at an RV dealership called Country Camping and the nice guys there determined it was most likely our grey water vent or black water so we put more deodorizer down and it seems to be OK. We didn't explode anyway! By the time that was over Larry needed coffee so we stopped at Tim Horton's in Sicamous.

We were booked into Revelstoke KOA for Wednesday and Thursday. Another park that was a little hard on us. We were put in the Lower Meadow - down a winding, rutted, dusty road to not a bad site. We checked out the other campsite in the area and it wasn't much better. Oh well! Grin and bear it! While we were there about 20 Winnebago and Itasca big rigs arrived in a caravan and were all put down in our Lower Meadow as well. The youngest of the Caravan seemed to be at least 65 years old so that made us feel good. They were from various places including Texas, Pennsylvania, etc.

On Thursday, we toured the Revelstoke Hydro Dam and the Forestry Museum. We drove up Mount Revelstoke to see the view. The plan was to go the last parking lot at the top and take the shuttle to the summit. Well, when we got out of the car we were attacked by a multitude of very hungry mosquitos. We took a couple of photos of Balsam Lake and hopped back in the car and drove with the windows down to get them out of the car. By the way, on the way up we saw a black bear run across the road. Of course, the camera wasn't ready. That is the third bear we've seen this summer, including two at Barriere. We then went to the Railway Museum. It was very impressive and very well done. There is an old restored steam engine there as well as a dining car, plus an engineer who had actually drove the train when it was operating to explain things. He actually worked for the CPR for 47 years.

On Friday, we left for Golden. Just a short run of about 120 kms. We stayed at Camper's Haven - a misleading name for sure. We had stayed at it a few years ago with the boys and we don't think anything has changed - including the cutting of the grass. We decided to phone a number of places to see if we could go anywhere else but everything was booked for the whole weekend. So we stayed for three days. Met some nice people there. The man who owns the Golden Husky gas station, Bruce, was especially nice.

That brings me to today, Monday. We have arrived in Fort Steele to stay at yet another campground we have stayed at before. This one's quite nice. There is a fenced in hilly area with a couple of emus and a sheep. Also a horse paddock with quite a few horses. We went to the Fort Steele Historical Town but there was only 1 hour left before closing so we decided we would go back tomorrow. We then went to Cranbrook and the town was closed for the Monday holiday. We will be here for two nights.

Bye for now!

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