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Christmas in Goa. There are decorations everywhere which seems wrong in the...

This is the garden outside our room in Candolim, the trees were...

Cocktails at Frank Zaapas to celebrate the start of our holiday.

Candolim beach with the ship wrecked tanker 'River Princess'.

The first of many incredibly cheap drinks on NYE.

Open air clubbing at Frank Zappas on Candolim Beach

Lucy with Bobby who works in Candolim

Me and Bobby

Lucy on the beach just before dawn

Poi on the beach

Here comes the sun...

... bit more ....

... there it is, the 1st Jan 2007.

Andjuna beach which would be far more beautiful without all the beach...

Watching the sun set from a bar on Anjuna beach. A very...


Don't think I'm going to get bored of watching the sun go...

Anjuna Flee Market

Flea Market. Cows roam free all over Goa. Am amazed they don't...


I hope you all had a great NYE and 2007 has started well.I have had a fantastic start to 2007 and now think every new year should be celebrated in the sun.

We had origionally planned on spending NYE in a place called Disco Valley in Vagator about 25 min from where we were staying in Candolim. However when we went to get a taxi we were told it would take 1-2hrs with all the traffic and cost about 12 pounds and god knows how much to get back. So we made the decision to stay where we were and ended up having a fantastic time with all the Indian people.

The night started off very well in the first bar when we had 4 barardi breezers, 4 60ml shots of bacardi with 4 cans of coke and two plates of chips for just 250 rupees (3 pounds) which is a quater of what it should have cost.

At midnight there were millions of fireworks all along the beach which we watched while we danced in the sand. We finished the night off in an open air club on the beach called Frank Zappas. It was rammed full of dancing indians and the music ranged from really good dance to Indian music to cheesey stuff like 'The Birthday Song'.

We stayed in the club until 6am then we wandered down to the sea to do some poi and watch the sun come up. (Which Lucy missed as she was busy chatting following her 20 plus shots of Bacardi). At about 7am we admitted defeat to the need to sleep and headed to bed.

While in the club we met the first Indian man who actually chatted to us like normal people. Bobby worked in a restaurant in Candolim but was helping his friend who ran the club to keep an eye on things. He told us about the problems they have here with Indian men coming down from the cities for the white women. The Indian men view us pretty much as whores, the porn they watch is mainly of white women, they wander round on the beach topless (which is illegal in Goa) and get drunk and flirt with the Indian men. Bobby told us that white women getting too drunk and then accusing the Indian men of rape is not uncommen. Most men that go past do stare at us and shout things from cars. I am getting fed up of feeling like a piece of meat even though we have been covering up a lot more than other people. Yesterday a man came in off the street to the restaurant where we were eating and asked if we would like to drink with his friends almost as if he was coming in to hire us. Lucy also seems to suffer a lot with people grabbing her. I think it may be her 'unusual' hair.

Another thing that Lucy seems to be suffering with is mosquito bites. I've gotten away so far as they are all drawn to her. There must have been some very pissed mozzies on NYE as her blood was about 50% Bacardi.

The 1st of Jan was a quiet day, in the evening we went down to the beach which was pretty much empty with the exception of people letting off unused fireworks. It was like our own personal display and only slightly dangerous when some of them went off just a few meters up. We enjoyed watching the stars and I was very excited by having a moon shadow, which there is always too much light polution for back home. We had to leave the beach when a couple of drunk men came and sat uncomftably close and just stared at us.

We've now moved down the coast line to Anjuna which is full of backpackers and hippies. Today we went to the flea market which is a confusing mass of stalls all selling pretty much the same stuff.

The official mode of transport around here is mopeds. Everyone is driving round on them. We've decided to walk instead as we're not exactly motorcycle experts and don't fancy spending the rest of our time here in plaster.

I nearly forgot to mention we just found a rat in our room! We screamed, it jumped out the window, all ended well.

Tonight we are going clubbing again and I'm getting very excited.

Hope to hear from you all soon,



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