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... the international operator asked. I hung up. I was ready to go postal in the middle of the Athens airport. The recent random activity (overseas purchases, shipment to random addresses) on my credit card had triggered my card company to suspend my card.

I of course had discovered this at the Olympic Airways counter attempting to pay for my SECOND ticket form Madrid to Johnannesburg. I foolishly had misplaced the original back in Jackson in my pre-depature frenzy, and although posted a week prior to my departure from Madrid, I had failed to arrive in time. Fortunately for me I'm still someone's younger brother and I was able to purchase the ticket and get some Euros in my pocket to get on my way.

This was NOT however, how I was hoping to begin 8 months of travel. In Madrid, I tried the collect # listed on the card, only to discover the international operator for some reason could not bill the number even though the recording you'd hear would say "Operator, we will accept all collect calls to this number." Then of course, the operator would ask if I would like to charge the call to a credit card ... My name is Yon Yonson, I live in Wisconsin ... AHHHH! We tried to pay for the call in coins, only to have our change run out waiting for an operator.

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