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Sisley and Ethan playing in the waterfall

Abrasa tree (tree strangler)

Rainforest Snake


Very poisonous Labaria snake found at our campsight

Camoflaged Moth

Muddy roads after the rain

Our group and Guide

We hiked to a beautiful waterfall in the rainforest. Sisley and Ethan put on their bathing suits and got right in. Right next to the waterfall was a cave where a caiman is known to live in. Chris tried to go in but once he heard all the bats, he chickened out. So did the rest of our group. Sisley and Ethan found a baby snake in the rainforest and once Robyn determined that the snake was not agressive, he let the kids hold it. By now Sisley and Ethan were finding all kinds of creatures in the jungle on their own. Robyn told them they no longer needed a guide. We saw the Abrasa tree or tree stangler. It is a tree that slowly grows over another tree and eventually stranges it till the other tree dies. During our hike back to camp we had to watch our step because it had been raining alot and the ground was slippery. Luckily there are alot of roots sticking out of the ground helping us with our traction. The earth is very red from the bauxite in the ground.

When we got back to camp we were shown a very poisonous snake called the Labaria snake. It was found in our campsight so it had to be killed. But the employees put it in a bucket of alcohol so that we could see it.

That afternoon we headed to our next destination, the Suriname Savannah. The rain was not letting up at this point and we were nervous that our driver would not be able to get us there. The roads were really just deep mud. But somehow a couple of hours later, we made it!!

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