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After about 16 hours of sleep starting to feel better about Cairo. We went on a tour with a private driver and guide and it was fantastic. The guide prevented anyone ripping us off and spoke both languages fluently. He works for Intrepid Travel so deals with a lot of Aussies.

The tour was out to the Pyramids and to the Sphinx. We had the pyramid Giza to ourselves as we got there early but the Sphinx was packed out. Just like we imaginged it would be.

We bought a couple of rugs and some papyrus pictures that we absolutely love but they don't come cheap. In other words no, we did not get any for anyone else. Sorry.

The place is filthy and the rubbish is just thrown into the canals. The animals don't look too healthy and there are many horses with large open wounds on them. Emma will appreciate the amount of cattle here. Viv would be horrified at where we are staying but kept very clean inside. Just 'dodge city' outside. People are very poor here. There are Police and guards everywhere. Nothing like an automatic weapon to make you feel at home.

Drivers give way but only with a lot of horn time. All of the taxi's have dents from many accidents. The people take their lives into their own hands when crossing the road. Saw a bit of road rage but nothing fatal.

The fruit is very cheap and so yummy. Pop would love the Figs. Nanna would adore the mango's...4 Egyptian Pound (85 cents)gets you 1 kilo. We have stocked up on fruit and ate the bread that we brought from around the corner straight away. Yesterdays bread that we were intending to have for breakfast, was eaten by the ants while we slept...lucky buggers.

Mum was offered 5000 camels for me. Yes some idiot thought he could buy me from Mum. She upped the ante to 7000 camels which we later worked out was a massive amount of money. She thought better of the little game she was playing with my life and said no. Ah, feel the love.

Next entry will be from Greece....can not bloody wait.

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