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So I am in LAX, great. I get off the plane in the domestic departures building and start looking for the Quantas desk. Can't Find It, where the hell is it. I ask for some help and make my way over to the "International" Departures Building and I see the sign leading to the Quantas desk. I am looking and looking, but no desk. Ask for help again, apparently they don't open up until 5:00. It is currently 2:30 so I need to sit in the public section with no boarding pass and blow 2 and a half hours. I go up the stairs and get blitzed by a Hare Krishna Monk (Auntie Ane was right, watch for these bastards). He tries to sell me a book on "meditation" without saying what the fuck it was really about, and dedicates it in the front cover to me. Asks for a donation, so I flip him $20 USD. I go and sit down and look at this book and it is the Hare Krishna "bible", well I don't want this piece of shit. So I track down the bastard and have the balls to ask for my money back, and just short of smacking him he gives me my cash back. Lesson 1 for this entry: As was said, watch out for these guys they are smooth (and I am a bit stupid, but hey what do you want). So for the rest of the time I go about reading and pacing around the terminal. Lesson 2 for this entry: don't waste 6 or 8 hours waiting for a connecting flight at LAX. This place stinks, I mean really reeks and was not worth the time. Spend a night in Los Angeles, see the sights there and catch your connecting flight the next day. So it is now 5:00 and I get my ticket from Quantas. I was told that "yes" my luggage would meet me in Auckland because I wasn't sure, got my boarding pass and then waited until 8:30 to load. On the way to the gate I got more shit from security. This time they were patting me down and it felt like they were one step short of pulling out "the glove". Like I said, LAX sucks. We boarded a Boeing 747 which was massive. It has an upstairs for executives, a first class and a pauper class (that's me). I got another wing-side window seat and was really cramped up, but there was an LCD tv for each seat, cool. But wait... There was something jammed in the headphone jack so unless I fix this, no movies or video games or music because I like sound. So I goof around with this thing for about 20 minutes and try not to look like I am trying to feel up the guy next to me. Got the thing out, a prong from another pair of headphones. So I got movies, watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" which was a shitty movie and ate a pasta dinner, my first meal since breakfast because I am cheap and wasn't hungry anyways. After that movie was done I put my remote control back in the slot and tried to sleep. No Dice, to much noise. I find sleeping in a plane would be equivalent to sleeping behind a waterfall, with all the vents blowing and the noise from outside. So I try and watch another movie, but wait... When I put the remote back, I jammed the heaphone cord in the slot and I couldn't get it out. I broke the headphone wire and the remote was still jammed, so no movies for 8 more hours. Shit. Lesson 3 for this entry: On long flights, get the aisle seat. You get some extra room to stretch out and also don't need to wake up anyone to get to the head. Anyways, I landed in Auckland at 6:00 am, crossed through customs, got my pack and then went to the biohazard section. Here was another tough time. I had Vector bars in my pack and I had to declare that I had food. This stuff isn't food, it is chemicals in a wrapper so give me a break. I also went to a farm within the last 30 days, so shit I didn't touch any cattle but I have to tell them about that too. After getting out of the airport I took the Airbus to Auckland Central Backpackers (ACB) the hostel where I will be staying for at least two nights. It was 7:00 am and check in isn't until 11:00 so I need to waste more time.

So in short, LAX sucks but I made it here although somehow I lost a day. Auckland seems okay so far, but I need a shower so I can get the airplane stink off and then maybe I will have a look around. Pictures of Airports are boring so there aren't any, be patient I will post some soon.

Add this song to the playlist: "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. I got it off "The Worst of Jefferson Airplane" but I think it is also on "Surreal Pillow". I just wanted to get stoned in this leg of the trip because it was so boring.


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