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blow out grow your own snowman

our awesome christmas decorations

cultural festival old ladies

emiko playing the koto

more cultural goodness

soccer fields here are not grass!! moose

first of many Christmas parties

my favourite kid


English camp crew


lunch at Emikos Christmas party

"AAARGH... yum"

Emikos son Tai

whos in that red suit?...

its ME! i'm Father Christmas

a little snow in Takeo. Primo.

a landslide...

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Japanese Koto playing at a local cultural day

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a Christmas message

Date: December 4th - December 16th

Sorry team nothing major to report on since the trip to Tokyo. Have basically just been working (if you can call it that) and doing Christmas parties and stuff. In fact last weekend I went to two Christmas parties on the Friday (one for kids and the one for adults... god I sound old!). Next up on the Saturday was an overnight Christmas English camp for high school students. Involved going to Saga for the night to help out and play English games and stuff. Next up on Sunday Karen and I were helping out at another kid's party. This time though I got to dress as Father Christmas for them!! Sickness... first time for me... and I was pretty good if I do say so... "Have you been a good boy this year?"... this was then met with blank stares due to a complete lack of understanding!!

Now as I sit here writing this, sound tracked by Salmonella Dub I might add, I am bubbling with anticipation as Karen and I leave for Thailand tomorrow. Three weeks in tropical paradise is my chosen solution to having to spend my first Christmas away from home. Beaches, Elephant trails, shopping in Bangkok, diving in clear bath water like sea and spending hours on golden sand beaches... why haven't I planned this sooner?! Its going to be so good to get some warmth for a change. The weather here has taken a severe turn since returning from Tokyo and now instead of raining it just snows cause its too cold! But unfortunately the snow is usually too light and so doesn't settle much for us. Blow out snow. Blow out. Hoping that on our return we will be met with a foot of powder outside our front door...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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