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First time: a fully left handed foursome

THE ankle

Karen and her family sent me a couple of shirts to motivate...

Spent some time by the pool for happy hour

They had a band every day... Didn't do much dancing though

David with us for Christmas.... note the tissue box... we went through...

Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band at the Val Vista Villages Resort

County Court House in Florence AZ

After an active summer moving up and down the western states and Canada we arrived at our winter quarters at the Val Vista Villages Resort in Mesa, Arizona. We had stayed here a couple of times in the past and were looking forward to more active participation in the many activities that they offered. The plan was to stay in AZ for 3 months then move on to the Rio Grande valley in Texas for the next 3 months. John was getting into a renewed interest in golfing while Patti was going to water aerobics a couple of time a week. We made a few friends who lived nearby. THEN: John slipped while entering a sand trap on the 5th hole, landed wrong and broke his left ankle. On December 7th (how can we forget) he had surgery to repair the damage and found that we had to alter our plans. Travel back to the east coast for Christmas had to be scrapped and our departure for Texas was delayed until the end of February. This definitely cramped our style, but David agreed to fly out and keep us company over Christmas so we were happy about that. THEN: The flue hit us. Neither of us were very good hosts for David as we were pretty much bed ridden during his time with us. In a couple of weeks we seemed to recover and John got the good news that the ankle had healed quicker than excepted. He was off the crutches and "boot" the first week in January and was cleared to resume normal activity by early February. BUT: we both came down with flue again. That was quite disappointing to say the least. We tried to make the best of it: they had a happy hour every week day by the pool. During the last week of our stay we met up with Norwood and Betty Hazard in the little town of Florence. Some interestingbuilding: particularly a hardward store that probably had "everything".

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