Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Part of Main St.

The Marshall giving us a tour

The Duke tied his horse right here

Old Tucson


Court House

Many of the shows were in the saloon

The Three Ameigos was shot right here

Train Depot

Great backdrop for the restrooms

Can Can Girls

Comeon Sherriff you know I didn't do it

I opened a barber shop

They didn't really lynch him.

She saved the day

Art Shot

Most photographed trian in history

Trian was in the Gambler. The girl wasn't

Upstairs to Kittys place

We rode it,cool.

Western town

Horse power

Stunt show

Set for the TV show

Outside of town

Boarding house

Entrance to Old Tucson

Just like Gene and Roy. Wow what a fun day. We spent the entire day 9:45- 5:00 PM at Old Tucson Movie Studios. Over 300 movies and TV westerns have been filmed here since 1939. All the biggest stars have come to this desert set. John Wayne filmed numerous movies here. Some of the TV shows were Little House on the Prairie, Father Murphy, High Chaparral, Bonanza. Who would have known? This was really neat for a boy who had a six shooter slung low on his right hip and a gun rack in his room. Could be any boy of the 50's but those were my cap guns. The set was amazing, just what you might expect a western town to look like with the mountains in the back. We saw a number of film clips showing the buildings and background. There were numerous shows, can can girls, gun fights, stunts and we even road on a stage coach. If you ever get to Tucson be sure to visit Old Tucson Movie Studios.Enjoy the pics.

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