Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Hey we found out we are staying a few more days yesterday. Yippee. I have to have materials shipped to me for my test to see what is causing my kstones. 5-7 business days. Oh Joy! So we have decided to do things in the area that we can drive to. In addition to that good news I did get my blood work completed, we walked to a nice Mexican lunch and had a fun dinner with two VIMs (Volunteers in Mission) who are in their 5th year coming to TMM to work like we do with NOMADS. Chuck and Sandra are both retired UMC Pastors and live in Michigan but come here in the winter to do the same type of volunteer work we have been doing. We went to Sweet Tomatoes,a salad,soup,pasta, pizza and desert bar. Since they have been to Tucson so often we were provided with some excellent ideas on things to do over the next number of days until we can "get out of Dodge". While we are chomping at the bit to move on, the folks here continue to treat us so well and we are having a great time. Shirley is still doing things on campus. I worked on the camper yesterday with mixed results. With plumbing it is 100% or it still leaks. We have a leak but it is outside and causes no real problem. Perhaps today I will take another tact. Sorry, no pics today.

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