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Heading north on Rt 145 (San Juan Skyway)




Lizard Head Peak




Trout Lake






Only the rich and the famous live here

Mountain Village area

Free gondola heading toward Telluride from Mountain Village

Downtown Telluride


Downtown Telluride


Peak-a-boo view of the hillside behind town

Colorful house in Telluride


Our new friends Jim and Cheryl joined us in Telluride


Telluride from the gondola

Mountain Village from the gondola

View from the gondola

Heading back on the San Juan Skyway

San Jan Skyway

San Juan Skyway

More spectacular views




Worth reading

The Queen Anne House that slide down the hill in the flood

A lovely and probably very expensive house near downtown Telluride

This is for you Jeff

A gorgeous husky resting near the sidewalk

Today Len and I headed up Hwy 145 (San Juan Skyway) toward Telluride. He has been very excited to share this area with me. It was cloudy and raining when we started out and sure had a WA feel to it, but it actually made for some great photography.

We started at an elevation of 7,000' and rose to a little over 10,000 feet. You followed the Dolores River almost all the way up, with big meadows along the way. The hills were lush with many shades of green. There are groves of aspens, pine and fir trees. Then there are the mountain peaks, when we could see them through the clouds. Spectacular!! It took us 1.25 hours to arrive in Telluride. I have never seen so many mega homes in one area as we saw in the Telluride area. They look more like hotels they are so huge. It is obvious that the rich and famous live in this area. From the free parking garage we rode the gondola, which is free also, to the Mountain Village. This reminded me of Whistler, but a smaller version. We had to get off and transfer to another free gondola for the trip down into the town of Telluride. A fun way to get around town and enjoy the views.

Upon arriving we wander around town a bit to scope things out, then decided to have lunch from two vendors on the street. We enjoyed a gyro and then had a cinnamon-sugar crepe (to die for!), we just wanted to sit outside and take in the gorgeous scenery. We met up in town with our friends, Jim & Cheryl. Together we enjoyed checking out a couple of shops and walking around town in the sunshine looking at the beautiful victorian homes. Jim and Cheryl had parked in town so they rode back up the gondola to the parking garage with us, then they rode it back down to town. Len and I could have rode it a couple more times just to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

The sun was out most of the trip back to Dolores. We stopped along the way to check out some of the National Forest campgrounds. Most are half reservation/half first come. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we had many choices for the Dutch Star. We leave Dolores River RV Park on Tuesday morning and are heading to one of these parks. We will be sharing more about the parks and the area later.

I almost forgot to mention that we had a dear run out in front of us on the way up to Telluride and a truck nearly ran over us because he was following to close. Another gray hair!

Len has spoken very highly of this area and I wasn't disappointed. It is beautiful. I look forward to making another trip up Hwy 145 next week...what isn't to love about the view! Check out the pics and see what you think.

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