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Enjoying the fruit rum punch!

Christmas market


The strangest nativity member I have ever seen!


Skating by day

Skating at night

Its looking like Christmas!

Check-in time for our Vienna Airbnb wasn’t until 2pm so we had a leisurely morning before catching the 11:30am train to Vienna. Leaving Budapest, we showed out tickets to the conductor and thought that was the end of it.

A change of conductors at the town before crossing the border and within five minutes of leaving the station we were advised “Tickets please, you are no longer in Hungary!!”. Obviously, the Austrians wanted to check the tickets for themselves.

We have spent the last two days wandering around this beautiful city and trying to figure out which museums/galleries/displays we should be viewing. Craig was feeling really tired yesterday afternoon and decided to head back to the apartment, which left me free to explore and find the Christmas markets.

I was so excited to learn that the first of the markets opened this weekend and I had a lovely afternoon wandering along the stalls, drinking fruit punch (without much punch!) and soaking up the atmosphere. At Rathaus-platz, they have even created an ice-skating rink that runs around paths between the trees. So lovely!

19 November, 2019

I havent Blogged for a few days but we have continued to explore Vienna, looking at all the sights and visiting a few museums. I have managed to visit three Christmas markets – on four different occassions as I went back to Rathaus-platz at night. Oh my, it was wall to wall people so I didn’t even bother to get my tripod out to take some night shots.

We have enjoyed Vienna and yes, it is a beautiful city, but I have to say, I am tired of being “run in to” by the locals! Maybe it’s a thing with the Austrians and Germans but they refuse to move out of your way – just barge through. That and they walk arm in arm, three or four across the footpath, making it nearly impossible to pass.

Add to that the preening tourists having photos taking selfies or having someone else take 10,000 shots while they flick the hair, pout the lips and stick their bum out… I am ready for some wide-open space and maybe a few four-legged animals!

Farewell Europe, its been a wonderful, educational experience, now on to something totally different!

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