Jack Ross Epic Alaska Pics 16 travel blog

Ocean view camp ground

Watching a ultra light on the beach

Family photo

Dad put me on a Halibut hook

Homer Harbor

The Whale

Sea otter eating

Sea otter #2

Sea otter #3

2 eagles

Fire truck Alaska stule

Coast Gaurd float

best part of the parade

We spent our first two days in Homer in "town." I spent most of my time playing with Kahlan from a camper next door and playing on the beach. I also learned a great Joke...

What does a fish say when it hits a wall..... Dam!

We then moved to "The Spit." I weird narrow strip of land out in the Ocean. We spent a day just walking around looking at stuff... We saw a whale, Dad's convinced it was a humpback but I don't think he is right. On the 3rd of July everyone starting setting off fire works about an hour after sundown. In North Alaska that is 1:30 A.M. Mom and Dad were both cranky the next morning.

On the 4th we went to the Homer town parade. I got ice cream and candy.

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