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The West


Ivanhoe Crossing - Kununurra

Boab tree





Chai plant

Stage 2 Ord River Irrigation Scheme

Its red .....its everywhere

Lake Kununurra cruise



Argyle Dam wall from river

Argyle Dam wall and Lake Argyle

Freshwater crocodile - they dont bite... well not much

Lake Argyle


Sunsetting on Lake Argyle



Bowerbird nest

Bowerbird with nest

Flower - Kimberley Rose

Hi All,

Kununurra for 4 days (5 nights) were well used up as it’s an amazing place. Located on what was the Ord River but now converted, after the building of a dam called the Diversion Dam to Lake Kununurra. The Diversion Dam allowed water to be held up then gravity fed to irrigate the surrounding Ord River Irrigation area. 55kms upriver the Ord River Dam was built to create Lake Argyle. This lake then maintains a constant supply of water down to the Diversion Dam. The whole scheme is an amazing piece of engineering given it was designed and built in the 60’s. The lake is so big it’s classified as an inland sea, the dam wall is considered to be the smallest wall holding the biggest lake.

All of this allows us to take a cruise boat to up the whole 55kms on the lake to the dam then another cruise on Lake Argyle for sunset. It was a long day but a great day out. The scenery was beautiful with lots of birdlife, crocodiles and bats. We had a lovely lunch at a riverside camp, we were really well catered for.

We also drove around Kununurra and the irrigation area exploring the new extension which ended up being 48kms from town. Part of this area is now leased to Chinese interests with some strict conditions but still would be a worry. A great diversification of crops are grown. Chia, corn, sorghum and sandalwood are the main ones at present.

Our plan was after Kununurra we would drive into the Bungle Bungles and this where thing started to unravel. A huge fire closed the National Park containing the Bungle Bungles forcing the WA National Parks office to close the park with a reopen date too far away for our plans in fact they could not give us a date, so we had move on. A shame but that’s the way it goes.

So we have stopped at Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing instead towns well and truly occupied by indigenous people. We have not, out of respect, taken photos of their houses or hovels which would be a better description. It's atrocious, rubbish, useless cars, broken bottles anything that they don’t want is just chucked outside, they walk a lot and just sit in the shade in towns. They do not worry us but yes you need to be cautious.

And so after the hiccup we have more adventures to come.

Love and best wishes

Mum and Dad,

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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