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otter twirling

The rain has stopped, giving us an opportunity to jump on our bikes and take the trail from our campground to town. It was a short ride, but it took us hours. The view was beautiful, the flowers plentiful, and we did lots of people watching on a beautiful California Saturday. Scuba divers struggled into their wet suits and prepared to sink into the sea. Surfers, also in wet suits, looked for the perfect wave. Kayakers explored the nooks and crannies of the water front. Morro Bay is a nice mix of things for tourists to do and real people doing real things, fishing in particular. The two come together in a huge assortment of seafood restaurants that had us drooling as we rode along.

An otter colony near the rock put on a show, twirling around in the water, wrapping themselves in kelp. They do this before they nap to ensure that they won't float away with the current. After they tired, they would float in the water with their little paws folded across their chests looking winsome. We could hear the constant cacophony of seals from a distance. Their shouts and smells are best appreciated from a distance.

The first time we came to California in the 1970's I fell in love with the place. It has always been my dream to live here, a dream unrealized for a number of reasons. We inadvertently watched a local real estate show on TV, which reminded me one of the biggest reason why living here is never going to happen. A featured home, slightly smaller than the one we own in IL, was for sale here for five times the price ours would get. And it didn't even have a basement. Far better to visit every so often, living in our home away from home, enjoying the weather and views without the huge financial commitment.

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