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where Chris teaches

another view on campus

lunch at the Coogee Beach Hotel

arriving at Coogee Beach


another view of Coogee Beach

beautiful coastline

on to Gordon's Bay

a bit of the beach walk path-lots of up and down

but what a view!

on to Bronte Beach

glimpse of Bondi Beach below

lots of beaches also have pools

more street art



and that is always a challenge when we arrive in a new BIG city! Figuring it out is confusing enough for a couple old folks then throw in the fact that they drive on the wrong side of the street (sorry, but it seems wrong-at least I look the wrong way every time and it is probably a miracle I have not been hit!) Chris took us this morning on the bus to his place of employment, University of New South Wales and showed us around. A very compact, vertical campus for 35,000 students. Kindly showed us where to get the bus to Coogee Beach and then we headed to the beach Coogee Beach for a stroll. We stopped for lunch at the Coogee Beach Hotel and then headed down for the coast walk-which ended up to be 6K-a bit more than John bargained for- but the scenery was spectacular. We passed by Gordon's Bay, Clovelly Beach, Bronte Beach, Tamarama Beach before reaching Bondi Beach-a crescent of beautiful sand and gorgeous water. At Bondi Beach we were prepared to head home (Chris had provided us with all the bus information we would need--but it was lost somewhere along the way) so we were on our own to discover how to return. We managed to take the 333 to the 348 changing at Bondi Junction and came out right by their apartment! SUCCESS.

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