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Marmoset Monkey at pousada, Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Lynn at Praia do Amor, Praia da Pipa, Brazil

David at Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Boats on beach, Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Lynn, Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Enjoying the beach, Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Monday 17th March 2014

Olinda to Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Today we left Olinda at around 9:00am heading further north, this time only about 250km to the beach resort town of Praia de Pipa. We travelled past sugar cane fields almost the whole way – so much sugar cane – so little rum produced. The cane seems to be processed to sugar or to cachaca which is the spirit in capirinhas. When we arrived there we parked the truck in a parking area close to town and had lunch there. We then caught taxis with all of our bags to the pousada where we were staying. The town has very narrow streets and the truck would not fit, so it stayed parked where we had lunch. Once we arrived at the pousada we were all excited to discover that little marmosets (very small monkeys) live in the trees in the garden – we had some fun watching them and then got settled into our room. We then decided to have a walk in the area so went along a narrow dirt road and through some trees down to the local beach which is called Praia do Amor [Love Beach], down a steep incline with many steps and had a beer down on the beach. The beach had lots of white plastic chairs and tables and seemed popular with locals. A storm was approaching so we went back up to our room at the pousada and had a relax then went out to dinner at a local fish restaurant, had a really nice meal with a number of people from the trip. Home to bed fairly early tonight, around 10:30pm. The weather today was hot again, with quite a heavy rainstorm towards evening. We were glad that we were not camping tonight.

Tuesday 18th March 2014

Praia da Pipa, Brazil

Today dawned fine and we went over to breakfast where the marmosets were also enjoying the buffet. There was about 6 of them eyeing off everyone’s plates – they are so cute and look very much like the gremlins in the movie of the same name. One came onto our table and snatched a piece of scrambled egg off Lynn’s plate. We were surprised they didn’t seem interested in fruit but really liked the egg. There was a tiny baby with its mother but it stayed in the tree. After breakfast we walked down to the beach we went to yesterday and walked along a number of beaches until we reached the beach where there were dolphins. On the way, however there was a particularly difficult headland to walk around – you could only walk at low tide – that was totally rocks from an ancient lava flow. It took us about 1½ hours to negotiate this section. We finally arrived at the “dolphin” beach and saw two dolphins swimming, but then nothing. The beach was beautiful and there were umbrellas and lounges on it, so we hired an umbrella/lounge for the day and sat and had a drink then went for a swim. The deal was if you bought lunch from the concession holder (of the umbrellas) you didn’t have to pay for the umbrella rental. This sounded like a good deal to us, so eventually we had fish and salad and potatoes for lunch. It was very nice, the weather was beautiful with a sea breeze, so we sat there from about 11:45am till about 4:00pm, had a couple of swims in the surf. It was great. We then walked back up the steps to the street and then walked back about 3km to the town, where we had a drink in a bar high above the sea – two others with us had a dessert and a drink. We then slowly walked back to our pousada, looking at the shops in the town on the way. Because we had already had a large lunch, we decided not to go out for dinner tonight, and just spent the evening in our room dining on chips.

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