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I left the FamCamp at 06:43AM and arrived at the kennel to drop off my dog at 07:03AM. I departed the kennel at 07:09AM and arrived at the Northern Alaska Tour Company at 07:26AM. I parked the SUV in the lot across the street and went over to sign in for the tour.

Got my bags weighed, ordered lunch for the day, and received my itinerary. We received a short briefing on the day’s activities and nine of us and a driver departed for Coldfoot, Alaska at 08:25AM.

Most of today’s drive was in the rain with some places also having fog. Everywhere we stopped there were mosquitoes and as soon as the van door was opened they would come in. Our first stop was in Joy, Alaska.

We entered the Dalton Highway at 10:50AM. We stopped at the Yukon Camp for lunch and walked down to the Yukon River. I was surprised at how warm the water was – I would have thought it would be much colder.

After lunch we continued on the Dalton stopping at a gravel pit turn out where even in the rain it was quite a view. We stopped at Finger Mountain and then at the Arctic Circle. I got a picture of the sign at “Oh Shit Corner” but it was raining quite hard so we did not stop. Our next stop was Grayling Lake and then at 17:40PM we arrived at Coldfoot Camp – where there was mud everywhere.

We got our room assignments and then went to the buffet dinner. I got a single room with bathroom and shower that was quite a surprise as I had expected to have to use a community bathroom.

Our driver/guide told us to be ready to drive out at 07:30AM tomorrow.

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