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Daintree River, meets the sea.

Daintree National Park, our 4 Wheel Drive guide.

In a Tropical Rainforest.

Termite Nest.

Umbrella Palm.

Movement on the forest floor, what was that?

Can you see the Gecko, on the log.

Mangrove Swamp.

The Wajul Wajul Waterfall.

Falling water is mesmorising!

Tarzan Vine.

Fish in Tropical Creek.

Orchids, sybiotic relationship!

Beautiful Wobadaba Creek.

Coconut washing ashore on Cape Tribulation beach.

Tropical Seeds,

Mangrove Tree, in the ocean.

Coconut Tree.

Bird, possibly in flight north, for the Winter.

Final look, North East, out into the Pacific, Cape Tribulation.

Full day 4 wheel drive, only 6 of us, to the Daintree National Park and to Cape Tribulation. An hour cruise on the Daintree River, then into the rainforest and finishing on the coast. Great way to finish sightseeing on this great adventurous holiday. Visited the Wujal Wujal Waterfall, revered by Aborigine women, no Aborigine men allowed near site, and guided to the waterfall by women of the Kuku Yalanji tribe. Was amazed to discover that not only are there over 500 different tribes of Aborigines in Australia, but that each have their own language and not one single language is in any way similiar to another.

Also swam in the Wobadabe Rainforest Creek - beautiful spring water, down from the mountains, a light tea colour, stained from the tanin leached by all the falling leaves in the Rainforest. Continued on to Cape Tribulation Beach for a late evening stroll before returning to "civilisation".

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