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Calypso's Cave

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Early to avoid tourist groups to Hagar Qim & Mnajdra temples. Bus driver on #201 was very helpful and told us much about Malta including the weather, this winter was a record for cold (got down to a record 3 degrees centigrade in Feb) & rain, most since 1923! Of course, we were the only 3 on the bus, ha!

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Wiki Ingo Mnajdra

After viewing the covered, 'restored' ruins, this time I really appreciated the museum, well done w/ videos and interactive tech. I was glad the ticket fellow suggested going to the sites first since we 3 were there alone. We began our walk back to the blue lagoon thinking we had just missed the hourly bus. I took off on a path which led to an overlook of the lagoon and got a picture just as Bon began yelling that the bus was coming! Turns out we just made the bus which we thought was 20 min early, turned out to be 40 min late, ha!

Once back at what is Malta's Ouagadougou (capital and principal transport hub in Birkina Faso - all roads lead there), the main bus terminus by city gate outside the capital, Valletta, we grabbed some street food and jumped the bus to ......temple which turned out to be uninspiring. Then a short walk to the Hypogeum which was at the other end of the spectrum, super inspirational, well worth the $25 euro we paid for tickets - they only allow 70 in per day in groups of 10!!

Wiki Info Hypogeum

Returning to Valletta we once again performed our ritual attendance at fast food's holy grail, McD's, for tea/coffee salad and ice cream (and, of course, rest room).

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