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The small boat that transported us from the large boat to the...

The low tide dismount with the ramp almost on dryland

Kathleen collecting shells while my socks dry on the rocks

Some shells

Ranger describing the history of Baker Island. He is a descendent.

Info about lighthouse.

The first lighthouse was made of wood. The new and old are...

View past one of two private properties on the park island.

Storage area of whale oil used to burn to provide the light...

Panorama of rocky Atlantic shore on Baker Island

Lunch on the rocks with our new Friends friend Heather Peterson from...

Rock photo


Cement pillar used to demark US property when lighthouse was built.

Shore view on north side of island

Ranger giving lobster talk

Closer look at lobster

Inverted lobster showing its mouth

Champlain Mountain that Heather climbed on The Precipice "trail" that has steel...

Baker Island meadow flowers

Drift wood view

Small flower with many colors

The shoveling crew

Portion of completed new trail

Trail needing gravel

Dining at Bar Harbor with Heather

Jordan Pond view

Jordan Stream view

Kathleen reading a book on Kindle

Stream view



Photo of a small evergreen growing out of a fallen log

Flower and bee at Jordan Pond Restaurant




July 6, 7 & 8 – Cruise to Baker Island, Moving Gravel and Photographing Jordan Pond

July 6 - The weather was perfect for a ranger-led cruise to Baker Island, a small island 3 miles south of Acadia NP. The island was inhabited by a fisherman and his family of 4 in 1807. Their descendents lived on the island for decades and were a very hardy folk who did not travel to Florida to avoid the harsh Maine winters.

July 7 – We and 12 other Friends moved more gravel today. The easy-to-gravel part of the new trail is done and the gravel now needs to be wheelbarrowed for about 50 yards from each end so my loads were by choice, a little lighter than on Tuesday. We may gravel more on Saturday.

July 8 – Another beautiful day. On our way to the park, we stopped at our Pie Lady #2 to pick up a special order of another rhubarb pie. We spent the morning along the Jordan Pond and Jordan Stream, me practicing my photo techniques while Kathleen read her latest book on our Kindle. We dined at Jordan Pond on popovers and tomato bisque.

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