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Testing the zoom on the camera. Still, Llama on top of a...

The sun rising nearly through the Summer soltice gap. Slightly more to...

Typical shot.

The sun temple, linked the with Sun gate and the gap in...

What MP looks like now after some restoration.

Jen likes this photo.

Well, that was more thn we bargained for. Prett much the only way to see MP is to go through a tour agency, expencive but simple. Or so we thought. This might see like a rant post, but then again, it pretty clear to know what MP is all about, so rant it is.

We used the same company as for our sacred valley tour (we got a small discount), which we thought did an ok job. All went well with our hotel pickup where we got our train tickets and got picked up for the first 1.30 hr journey to the train station. All fine all the way to Aguas Calientes, a town whos sole purpose is for 1 night accomodation before MP. Its here we got our firs shock because we were supposed to have someone waiting for us to show us our hotel and have our return tickets (bus and train). Nothing and no one, so we decided to go look for it ourselves. Most tourists would have faltered here, but we found it no problem. Only, whn we entered enquiring to our reservation, they hadnĀ“t a clue what we were on about. Perplexed we went to find a phone to find out what was going on. From the tone and general attitude, it was clear they had forgotten to make the reservatios. They had exactly the time it took to get form the phone back to hotel to make the reservation. Which they managed and we got our room.

We were still wondering about our pick up from the station, as this was meant to be tomorrows guide (with our tickets), but they told us to expect him at our hotel around 6.30-7.00pm.

Come 7.30 we thought, how could they have made two major blunders? Back to the phone we went and the man said "He currently at another hotel, he will be with you in 10 mins", which roughly translate as,"we forgot him too, give us 10 mins and we will get him to you." Again, they held up to this promise and a man proclaiming to be Willy Meza turned up with our MP tickets (which are more expencive than the tickets for the Sacred Valley, again, well done Peru for sucking tourist blood money). This only broought on the biggest upset of all, the tickets proclaimed our entrance to MP and the Museo. This might not sound much, but we wanted the ticket for MP and its cousin Waynapichu which is another mountain of importance, you can see it as the nose in all the classic MP pictures you see (see the collection attached to this post). We didnt even know there was a museo let alone get a ticket for one, less the entrance to WP. WP also allows for a limited number of tickets per-day so a on the spot purchase wasnt possible. This was the last straw, we were officially pissed off (explicit content, parental consent is advised). Sitting in a hotel room with nothing but our anger we slept an angry night.

The next morning, everything went as expected, MP was glorious and the museo wasnt too bad either. We got all our return tickets sorted and had generally a good day.

However, we have officially agreed that although it was nice, we believe Peru isnt worth the hassle, bad tour companies asside. Peru has given us a less than good feel. Strangly enough, Lima has been the nicest so far and a captial city to boot. We still have a week left in Peru, so it has time to make up for the general unpleasantness.

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