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Jackson KOA Campsite

Lilacs at campsite.

Jackson Park arch of Elk antlers.

Another arch photo.

Yet another Elk antler arch photo.

View of our white water rafting crew at the Lunch Counter Rapids...

July 1 – Continued – Visit to Jackson Downtown

After we rested from our Inspiration Point hike at Jenny Lake, we toured downtown Jackson. We took photos of the park including the arch of a large collection of elk antlers. (Elk drop their antlers each January.)

July 2 – White Water Rafting on the Snake River

We joined a bus full of other adventurers to the launch point of our inflatable raft and our skilled guide, Ginny, along the Snake River south of Jackson, WY.

After being tightly fitted with life vests we entered our craft and, before heading for mid-river, received more safety tips and how to row forward and backward. We also learned to ‘brace’ which is a position where the occupants lean toward the center of the raft in case a flip was eminent.

We had a family of 4 with us including an 8 and 10-year old. The children sat up front except when we entered the ‘Lunch Counter’ rapids which is shown in the attached photo. We were to row as ‘one’ with the two front ones rowing in unison with the second and third rows following their lead. We were not all in sync paddle wise but we got through the rapids easily, although splashed.

There were calm portions of the river and some Class 3 rapids. The ‘Lunch Counter’ is a Class 3.

We did pass a moose that was along the riverbank. The raft was in a spin and I only saw a glimpse of a small portion of brown fur.

Had the moose been in the sounding mood, he would have made some of the sounds at this website:

Moose Sounds – click on title button to hear more sounds

Have a great Sunday.

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