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Rick getting signs set up - opening lighthouse for tours

A view down the stairs..from the top of the lighthouse tower

Here's a rainbow shot that Rick caught between rain squalls. Taken from...

Same rainbow, just using camera's zoom

This is the Watch Room at the top of the Lighthouse, just...

Here's the Fresnel lens and light bulbs. The lens is the part...

Prism rainbow effect from the lights' lens

Here we are in our "work" clothes

Today we worked at the lighthouse giving "self-guided" tours - and yes, we had to wear our costumes. Our supervisor (Kath) led the first group of visitors, then turned over the duties to Rick and I. Rick worked the watch-room, which is at the top of the lighthouse. It was considered a slow day...which was actually perfect for us. We had 29 visitors in four hours and only had one 30minute window of no visitors. We weren't sure what to expect, so we did not bring anything with us to read. The rule is that if you bring something, it must be hidden out of sight when visitors are present so we will have to borrow a era-appropriate canvas bag from the office next time.

The weather seemed to rotate about every 10 to 15 minutes: wind and rain, then sun and breeze, back to wind and rain and on and on.. the entire time we worked.

We got quite a few pictures today....hope you enjoy them.

Here are some interesting facts about Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It is the tallest in Oregon, standing at 93 feet (including the spier). There are 114 stairs (one way). The lens at the top is the original one installed during construction in 1872. The lens is called a Fresnel (pronounced FraNell). It is made up of 258 prisms that bend the light from the light-emitting devise (which is now a 1,000 watt light-bulb) into a single beam that can be seen from ships up to 20 miles out at sea.

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