Neil and Lois 50th Anniversary Trip travel blog

Yesterday, we woke up to the sun and a mostly clear sky. After breakfast, we drove into Baddeck to do some grocery shopping, convert some money to Canadian and to find WIFI as our campground is having internet access problems. We found everything that we needed and drove back to the campground. Since the weather appeared to be perfect to hike the Skyline trail over in the Cape Breton Highlands Park, we started that way. As we drove a little over 80 miles across the island to the trail head, the weather changed completely by the time we got to the park entrance. The weather on Cape Breton Island appears to be very, very unpredictable, with the ocean and a large bay surrounding it and the highlands with their higher altitude in between. By the time we reached the park entrance, it was raining fairly steady and the fog had completely covered the highlands. We shopped at local gift shops for a couple hours trying to wait out the weather and hope that it would clear but it just got worse. At one of the craft shops, we met the owner (Lola) and bartered some emu egg shells for some needlepoint art. Lola fell in love with our emu eggs and wanted all that we had with us. After learning that we were on our 50th anniversary trip, she gave us a CD with her singing country music for an anniversary gift. As it turns out, she is a very talented local singer. We gave up on the weather and drove back to the campground. No Bullwinkle or Boorwinkle today. Not only did the weather turn rainy, but it turned cold as the temperatures dropped overnight into the low 50’s and upper 40’s. We did not take any pictures today and will leave for North Sydney in the morning for the 4 days prior to boarding the ferry for Newfoundland.

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