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one of the prettier bits of wildlife

posing with Jaguars (I think) Only pros can tell for sure.

Cory and Poco up close with the ruins

incredible detail and rather scary

Elaine on what she figures is a lounger back in the day....

Nice earrings. Still wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley

amazing condition for a piece that is so old

Lots of these in the middle of the courtyard. Placed there not...

Wild Macaws feeding station.

They like tortillas too.

every block is chiseled with hieroglyphs, much eroded now hench the covering

Honduran earpod tree - massive. Elaine being artsy with the camera

air gardens - full of orchids. Another artsy shot by Elaine

Boy oh boy. I thought I would get more opportunity to sleep in. Isn’t this supposed to be a vacation. I was in the middle of a very pleasant dream when beep beep beep the alarm started to go. Fortunately Cory and Elaine have to do everything and I just have to go along with them. By 4:30 we were out the door and walking along the deserted streets of Copan Ruinas on our way to the bus station. Cory and Elaine were quite excited to see another couple waiting. They weren’t the only fools up this time of the morning. As most backpackers seem to do they started talking and I listened and heard they have a fair bit in common. Both are Canadians from British Columbia, practically neighbours as the other couple is from the Merritt area, both are taking a year to travel, and what really got the Lawton’s excited is they had at last met a couple in their age group. This couple from Merritt had been traveling for 4 months already and have been scouting out locations where they might be able to settle down and retire and leave life in Canada behind. Between the two of them this couple have five children, so it proves the point that it is possible to go traveling when you have children. Cory and Elaine had heard many times they were only able to go on this trip because they didn’t have children.

The bus left right on schedule at 5:15 and I heard Cory complaining that the bus driver drove like Mario Andretti. I caught Elaine laughing to herself because her mum calls Cory, Mario when he is driving. These bus drivers could use a lesson or two on how to drive. IE: double solid lanes do not mean pass where you want, regardless of oncoming traffic and taking corners as fast as possible to see how much you can munch your passengers into their windows is not OK. Or perhaps intimidate the heck out of a poor farmer by coming up behind him at 110 kmh and just being able to miss his trailer by giving your airbrakes and passengers a severe test of sudden braking.

We arrived (by the grace of god) at Pedro del Sur just after 8:00 am and had to wait until 10:30am for our connecting bus to Le Ceiba. We wandered around the mall, and discovered the main thing that was being sold was shoes, shoes and more shoes. We caught our next bus and made it to Le Ceiba at 1:30 where we caught a taxi to the ferry terminal. We had planned on doing a couple of things in Le Ceiba but that was not to be. The taxis group people together so we traveled with another girl going to the ferry. Once here it was time to hurry up and wait again. At 4:30 we caught the ferry to Roatan and arrived there at 6:00 pm. Then we promptly jumped into another cab and made our way to the area called West End. The first place we had decided to stay was not available to we went to our second choice. We are at the Mariposa lodge for at least two nights. We have a nice place for $40 a night that comes with a kitchenette. The owners are Canadian, and Cory and Elaine are hoping to meet them. Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly and Stephen Leacock created the town of Mariposa in his book, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. It is believed it is based on the town of Orillia, Ontario. Elaine recognized the name Orillia as the home of figure skater Brian Orser and the Mariposa Figure Skating Club.

It was already dark when we checked in, so it was time for a quick wander around the town, grab a quick bite to eat and then to bed. They had a really nice dinner at the Coconut tree. There was lots of food, so they got some to go, and will be able to have it for lunch tomorrow.

Cory makes Elaine sick. First he was stuffed up and sneezing in Varadero, and now she is stuffed up. They are both hoping this is something very short lived as they cannot go diving while congested.

Tomorrow they are going to scout out West End a little bit more and find out more.

For now, I am looking forward to not having to get up early and catch a bus, a plane, or a train, and I can sleep until I am done. Good night for now.

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